User experience and social networks

I am writing this post after a long gap. From my last post to this one a lot of things have changed, global economy is down and people are losing job. Every one is in fix and waiting and watching the situation cross fingers. Sometime back I have placed a poll focusing on user experience […]

Kayak vs Cleartrip

In the previous post I have tried to analysis one of the Indian travel website From the responses of this I have come to know and its Indian version is quite a new site for India and people from this continent, and for others. But both the sites are very […]

Cleartrip, an amazing trip

This year I have traveled a lot and get chance to explore almost all the travel websites in India.,,, are some of them but found most amazing not only for look and feel but also for good service. I have my views for this website are layman’s point of view […]

BIGFlix landing page (Carousel effect)

When we talk about user interface and user experience we look from user’s point view and we talked about the ways to give great experience. We skip many features unnoticed as they are common. Sometime lot of images and colorful page may not give such impact which comes from simple user friendly approach of designing. […]