Are PC Gamers Vanishing?

This question must have dawned on you when you (or your friend) would have experienced the all time favourite RPG game GTA IV on Xbox 360 or PS3. It has recorded a tremendous selling of around 926,000 units for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions combined. With the availability of titles like Army of two, Gears of War, 25 to Life on consoles, it is natural for a casual gamer to stick with the consoles and so the number of console gamers are increasing.

But lets focus on the PC Games, I feel the PC Games still rules the Gaming Arena. PC game industry wont get effected even if the console gamers are rising. People i know waited long for the release of GTA IV on PC Platform which indicates the assumption of selling maximum PC copies compared to the consoles.

We’re not starting a war between PC and the Consoles here. Every game platform has its own ups and downs, but as a PC Gamer, i always prefer playing games on my computer.

Lets look at some of the important aspects that makes PC Games so unique :

PC Gaming – Playing games in higher resolution is only possible on your computer, the maximum resolution its support is 1280 x 1024 (in case of Crysis) by the time, this post is added.

Consoles – Although Console game can only be played on Television, it supports the screen resolution of 640 x 480 only.

PC Gaming – You can always configure your own keypress options on your Computer keyboard.

Consoles – You’ll have limited keys on joystick, also need combine keypress sometime, which aren’t viable or easy for the casual gamers to play.

PC Gaming – Play game of any genre, be it FPS, RPG, Sports or Strategy, you’ll always have a wild experience.

Consoles – The FPS genre are not for consoles, sports are great.

( does not promote game piracy)

PC Gaming – Ripping and mounting of PC Games are easy using programs like Alcohol, CloneCD and Daemon’s Tools.

Consoles – You just can’t rip and mount the console games in order to run it on consoles.

PC Gaming – PC gamers can create their own maps using game editors, and even create all new games with the use of game engines (remember Counter Strike).

Consoles – Console gamers have no such options.

PC Gaming – For PC Games, there are plenty of cheats and trainers available online that one can edit files in Hex-editor etc and expand game substantially.

Consoles – In case of modern games, there are no cheats available for console.

Gaming on PC’s will never die, because the games for consoles are developed on PC’s, and PC’s are used for a variety of other purposes, and as long as that happens, PC Games will be made.

Article by: Vicky Nimbalkar