BIGFlix landing page (Carousel effect)

When we talk about user interface and user experience we look from user’s point view and we talked about the ways to give great experience. We skip many features unnoticed as they are common. Sometime lot of images and colorful page may not give such impact which comes from simple user friendly approach of designing.

Here I want to discuss BIGFlix is an online movie rental service from India. DVD rental is available in India only, however worldwide users can download titles. And common landing page is showcase of featured movies from both the sections. The design of this page is unique in many ways from user experience point of view.

BIGFlix landing page

In fact the design of this page is very simple and to the point. There is no confusion or destruction and it leads the user to either broadband site or DVD rental site.

Let’s view the design closely. The wide carousel showing available titles is very common now days. You can find the Ajax code for such presentation free of cost from the web, but how it is used in the site is interesting. It has used Spry frame work for the same.

You can move it left right using linearly using arrows from the both side once you reach to the last title the arrow get disable. Other option is also available i.e. non-linear way to view the featured titles. At the right top side of the carousal ten squire boxes represents each title. You can view any particular title just clicking on particular box.

All the titles featured on the page may be available on both the section of the side or may be available on any one of the section. To represent this you can get one or two buttons at the right side just below the video window. These buttons appears dynamically, so user understands clearly in which section to go.

The most attractive part of this page is trailer window which represents the respective title. What is unique about it?

If we closely view the trailer window you will find that it is above the carousel images and it is not moving along with image and buttons. The window is in a layer above other contents of the page.

When you place something in layer it is utter possible that it may shift in different screen resolutions (even in different browsers) and it was same in this case also. It is fixed and controlled by CSS. Different style sheet is used for different resolution and also hacked for cross-browser issues. And due this user is not experiencing any unexpected experience.

Please review the page and let me know your views.

Article by: Vipul Mathur