Soft light Effect in photoshop

1. Duplicate the image in other layer 2. User Gaussian Blur on duplicated layer upto 12-14px Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. 3. Reduce the Opacity of the Blurred Layer, say by 50-55% 4. Add layer mask on the Blurred Layer 5. Now user brush to clean the face and parts of the image to […]

How to Change eye color in photoshop?

1. Mask the eye on a new layer and clear all the unwanted area to give required shape. You can use other methods to mask 2. Now select the mask 3. Go to original layer keeping the mask active and hide the masked layer 4. Change the color balance of the layer for the selected […]

Design and Create Logos

In this video tutorial, You can fine how to create logos in style in Adobe Photoshop. Logos are key in capturing your visitors interest immediately, and play a big role in the design of any website.