How to validate form in Dreamweaver?

Want to validate your form but don’t know any Javascript coding? Don’t worry, Dreamweaver can help you with this. Dreamweaver comes with a form validation Behavior allows you to validate your form without any Javascript knowledge.

All you need is a form and couple of mouse clicks. This tutorial should takes less than 10 minutes.

1. Form

I assume you have your HTML form ready.


2. Name your fields

In order to validate your form, you need to give a proper name to
each field. Name your fields as follow: Name, Email, Phone, and


3. Validate form

Select the ‘Send’ button. Go to Window > Behaviors to active the Behaviors pallete. Click on the plus [+] icon and select Validate Form.


Form Data

Now you should see all the fields in the form: Name, Email, Phone, Comments.

  • Select ‘Name’, check Required, Accept = Anything (anything means any key/character).
  • Select ‘Email’, check Required, Accept = Email address
  • Select ‘Phone’, check Required, Accept = Number
  • Select ‘Comments’, check Required, Accept = Anything
  • * if you do not want to make the field as required, uncheck Required

form data