Lets read the EULA of PC Games today…

EULA stands for End User Licence Agreement. End User means you, who have bought a particular game from its manufacturer. EULA is nothing but the licence agreement between the game manufacturing company and you.

You might have come across EULA during the installation of particular game or software on your machine, it appears during the setup process of the game, which gives you an option to agree with the Terms and Conditions according to the manufacturing company policies in order to complete the setup.

Most of the time, user doesn’t read it and blindly gets bound by its T&C, and completes the installation of the game.

Lets check out what exactly EULA contains or explains to its end users.


This consist of the companies introduction and basically the most common conditions like the licence is legally binding an agreement between you and the company and by using the software, you are bound by the licence, and if you’re not agree with it, pls do not install the game.

1. Grant of Limited Licence

It explains that the company grants you the non-transferable, non-sublicenseable, personal and limited licence to install and use the software on single computer and to explore the artwork, pictures, text, audio, media files, programs, or applications.

2. Restrictions on Limited Licence

The Company also restrict you of not using the game or its content for the commercial purpose. It also stops you of not installing the game on more than one machine at a time, and also puts a restriction of decompiling, deconstructing, modifying, renting, distributing, transmitting or sharing the game or its content.

3. Updates

The software makes use of your computer’s most advanced hardware accelerated media capabilities, and will have the rights to make changes in your computer’s configuration such as operating system patches, video driver changes, browser updates, etc. The software will periodically prompt you to check with the company website for the game updates and the patches.

4. Title

It says that the game titles, ownership, intellectal property rights, patent rights are the sole property of the company and its licensors or the suppliers.

5. Warranty

The company warrants to you that the game or computer file that contains the game or content will be uncorrupted when you receive it. If any portion of the game is corrupted when you receive it, the company will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide an uncorrupted file to you or, in company’s sole discretion, to reimburse you the amount paid by you to the company for the game.

6. Limitation of Liability

In no condition, company will be liable to you for any incidental and consequential damages like loss of business, loss of profits or any business interruption because of the game.

7. Termination

The company will terminate the license agreement, if they find that you have violated any of the terms and conditions. And even you can terminate this license agreement at any time by destroying or returning the game to the company and to certify in writing that all the known copies, including the backup copies, have been destroyed by you.

8. General

This license agreement constitutes the complete and exclusive agreement between you and the company. This license will be governed by the laws of the State (where company resides) and any and all unresolved disputes arising under this License will be submitted to laws of the State.

So, next time, make sure to read and agree with the licence agreement before blasting that army tank. Gotcha!!!

Article by: Vicky Nimbalkar
Website: www.insidepcgames.wordpress.com