Lets read the EULA of PC Games today…

EULA stands for End User Licence Agreement. End User means you, who have bought a particular game from its manufacturer. EULA is nothing but the licence agreement between the game manufacturing company and you. You might have come across EULA during the installation of particular game or software on your machine, it appears during the […]

How Game Companies protect their CD/DVD’s from Copying?

CD/DVD Copy Protection is the most common Protected process used by almost all the Game Development Company these days. In other word, the Original Game CD get protected by using softwares like SecuROM in order to stop hackers and commercial pirates from developing illegal copies to sell on the black market. These protection works by […]

The Excellent PC Game Covers designed

PC Game Covers are not easy to design. You just can’t add Posters of Game Characters, Backgrounds and Colors, it takes more than that. Game Covers should catch human’s eye and also should also convey the plot of the game to the non-gamers too. Although it always follows the common layout of main character with […]

Lets know the DirectX

While you were enjoying your game on your computer, DirectX takes care of the interaction of your mouse movements, keyboard inputs, sound playing and graphic card acceleration with your computer’s Operating system. So Finally what is DirectX? DirectX developed in 1995 by Microsoft, is a set of APIs (Application Program Interface) which communicates between the […]

Are PC Gamers Vanishing?

This question must have dawned on you when you (or your friend) would have experienced the all time favourite RPG game GTA IV on Xbox 360 or PS3. It has recorded a tremendous selling of around 926,000 units for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions combined. With the availability of titles like Army of two, […]