Lets read the EULA of PC Games today…

EULA stands for End User Licence Agreement. End User means you, who have bought a particular game from its manufacturer. EULA is nothing but the licence agreement between the game manufacturing company and you. You might have come across EULA during the installation of particular game or software on your machine, it appears during the […]

The Excellent PC Game Covers designed

PC Game Covers are not easy to design. You just can’t add Posters of Game Characters, Backgrounds and Colors, it takes more than that. Game Covers should catch human’s eye and also should also convey the plot of the game to the non-gamers too. Although it always follows the common layout of main character with […]

Game Piracy in India… Let’s know, how it works?

Piracy of Game CD’s exist everywhere, in almost all the country. Game Piracy refers to several practices which involve the unauthorized copying of computer games. note : insidepcgames.wordpress.com does not promote piracy… The Current Scenario Lets figure out how approximately it works in India, specially in Metro city like Mumbai. Its very easy to get […]