User experience and social networks

I am writing this post after a long gap. From my last post to this one a lot of things have changed, global economy is down and people are losing job. Every one is in fix and waiting and watching the situation cross fingers.

Sometime back I have placed a poll focusing on user experience for social networking sites at the left side of this blog. A good number of people had visited my blog but the number of people has voted is not very exciting (I am not disclosing the number). Here I am just placing the results I have received to discuss and for your valuable comments. Social Networking UE 46% people voted for’s user experience and 38% given second position. and got only 4% and they are far behind in the list. is only focusing India and people outside India even may not be aware of this social network.

Interestingly in the ‘other’ networks people voted only for no any other site added by the visitors. got 8% of the votes.

I know the results with little votes are may not give the perfect picture. I am going to keep the same poll in the main post for sometime and request you to cast your vote.

So please vote now!

Article by: Vipul Mathur